We are actively looking for new team members who are:

  • Committed to producing high quality code.
  • Flexible, independent, and disciplined.
  • Following tech trends and willing to learn new things.
  • Experienced in Python, PHP, Java, or Obj-C – or whatever language you think is the best.
  • English-speaking.
  • Willing to work from home.

It’s OK if you:

  • Use StackOverflow when coding.
  • Look at your code a month later and think: “Man, this sucks!” (and fix it).
  • Suck at estimating.

You will NOT be happy with us if you:

  • Need a boss who shouts at you to get things done.
  • Sit down to work right before deadline.
  • Think code reviewing is a waste of time.
  • Fix things “temporarily” and/or leave TODOs all over the place.
  • Can be offensive or hard to communicate with.